Your local Handyman

Ryan Walker | Brisbane

Your local Handyman

Ryan Walker | Brisbane

What I do

Property Maintenance and Repair

Services includes repairing different areas of your home. Do you have a list of small items you don't want multiple people doing individually? I'm a practical problem solver with excellent mechanical skills.

• Plasterboard repairs

• Cabinet repairs

• Furnature assembly

• Setup home automation

Home Owner Consulting

Building a new house or renovating an existing one? I provide a second set of eyes and help to review and interpret builders drawings.

• Suggest layouts for electrical outlets and switches

• Functional layouts for kitchens laundry rooms and othe workspaces 

• Review drawings and discuss possible improvements and trade offs

• Coach you through decisions your builders are asking of you

Site Inspection and Reporting

Can't be there to oversee progress? Want a trusted set of eyes comparing building plans to actual work done? I can stop by your project as often as you like to besure you are geting what you pay for.