Your local Handyman

Ryan Walker | Brisbane

Your local Handyman

Ryan Walker | Brisbane

Walker’s on it!

Whenever you need a handyman at home

Do you need a handyman?

Hello, I'm Ryan Walker. I'm an engineer with several year of field experience. I love working with my hands and fixing things, so whatever you want to get done. From fixing the alignment on that cupboard hinge to troubleshooting your irrigation system, I'm your man.


Now also offering bicycle maintenance at your home. 

Walker's on it carries $5M liability insurance for peace of mind. 

What I do

Property Maintenance and Repair Services

Services includes repairing different areas of your home. Do you have a list of small items you don't want multiple people doing individually?

I'm a practical problem solver with excellent mechanical skills. 

• Plasterboard repairs

• Cabinet repairs 

Furniture assembly

• Setup home automation 

Home Owner Consulting

Building a new house or renovating an existing one? I provide a second set of eyes and help to review and  interpret builders drawings.


• Suggest layouts for electrical outlets and switches

• Review drawings and discuss possible improvements and trade offs

• Coach you through decisions your builders are asking of you

Site Inspection and Reporting

Can't be there to oversee progress? Want a trusted set of eyes comparing building plans to actual work done? I can stop by your project as often as you like to besure you are geting what you pay for.





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